Isolated from the outside world for centuries and only relatively recently opened to Western travelers, Tibet is a magical and mysterious place. It is an intensely Buddhist land, and its richly decorated monasteries and temples testify to the deep-rooted faith of the Tibetan people. This adventurous trip visits many of Tibet's main attractions; Lhasa, the spiritual and cultural centre of Tibet, Tsedang and Samye in the Yarlung Valley.

The Drikung Area of Central Tibet is unique both in its physical beauty and its cultural history.  Begining from Katsel Monastery, this place of the Dri (female yak) is filled with majestic mountains, broad valleys, the Shorong Chu river, streams, fountainheads and wild faunas.  Unlike the Lhasa valley and Western Tibet, Drikung is emerald green during the summer months and a traveler can see the nomads living in the high mountains to graze the Yak herds.  The Mamba/Terdrom area which includes the Drikung Thil Monastery is the principal seat of the Drikung Kagyu of Tibetan Buddhism.  In Drikung, we stay in nomad tents & guest houses and mingle with the nomads and explore this vast area mostly on foot.

The Mamba/Terdrom area is one of the most beautiful areas for walkers and trekkers. The entire trek is unique in the level of difficulty and visual and sensory impact.  The two prime destinations/routes are the trek to terdrom hot springs and to the reclusive Tsapuk valley. The Terdrom areas has the famous natural healing hot springs, nunnery temple, the historic cave of the 8th century Mystic Master Padmasambhava, retreat quarters for meditators and the beautiful stream that runs thru it.  Tsapuk on the other hand is very quite and incredibly beautiful and there is a small hermitage of Lord Jigten Sumgon where he became enlightened. This valley is one of the few places that one can see at close range the Tibetan mountain blue sheep.

We will also visit Tsetang, the ancient capital, the ancient city of Gyantse & Shigatse, as well as a unique visit to Everest Base Camp where you are face to face with Mt. Everest!

There will be a full day dedicated to visit an orphanage and a school where you will meet mix with them and learn about their way of life. In Drikung there will be a visit to the local school which is supported by a charity from the USA.

Food, accommodation, grading:  This trip graded “Moderate" with day hikes, driving days and high altitudes make it suitable only for the more adventurous traveler. Accommodations are simple and food, mainly Tibetan. In cities and towns, there are more choices for food other than Tibetan & Chinese cuisine.   Come prepared for an adventurous journey through high remote passes with a few nights of accommodation in nomad tents and you'll enjoy this trip!


For the third consecutive year,Dharma Adventures and its staff have provided us with first-rate service that have given us rich culturaland aesthetic experiences.”
Robert Neralich,High School Teacher
Fayetteville High School
Arkansas, USA


“ Dharma Adventures has brought a level of accountability and safety to our work unparalleled in our world wide programs of study........................  Dharma Adventures is a company that understand the needs of schools for safety, risk prediction and security. Their President has the local connections and sensitivity to negotiate a successful trip in a challenging nation.I have the highest regard for the integrity of this company. Should you have further questions do not hesitate to contact me at the college.”
Nigel McCarthy, Head of Senior School
West Island College
Calgary, Canada


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